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"Phenomenal! John reveals seven steps for accessing your intuition--and then shows you how to benefit from it. This is a breakthrough in self-help literature as well as business how-to material. It shows you how to make money, increase your
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Intuition has been defined as:

 1) The power of obtaining knowledge that cannot be acquired either by inference or observation, by reason or experience.

 2) Immediate apprehension or cognition.

Intuition is that sudden, fleeting thought, feeling or vision. You know -- it's the feeling that never explains, but leads you toward a whole new train of thought.

But what's it all about and can you really make it work for your benefit?

Let me tell you a true story...

Nick and Liz Thomas had gone through some really trying times. Nick was a fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force and after discharge, went to work for an insurance company. Eight years later, when a promised promotion did not come about, Nick quit and went with a smaller insurance company.

Fired after nine years...

But that was not to work out either. After nine years he was fired. He then became an entrepreneur in his own consulting business, but that, too, failed. In his late forties, under tremendous financial pressures, he felt like a failure.

Frustrated and seeing no way out, Nick's wife, Liz turned to prayer. Every morning she'd be in church praying that something good would happen to change their fortune.

A voice from beyond...

One particular day, Liz said she kept hearing three words over and over again. The words were, "Make the mustard." The voice sounded like Nick's mother, who had died the previous year. Liz's family had a mustard recipe from Russia and every Christmas they prepared this special mustard as gifts for their friends.

When she told Nick, he thought she had gone mad. After thinking about it, however, and with nowhere else to turn, they decided to make some mustard and try to sell it at a local store. They offered a taste to the local shop-owner and were surprised when he bought the whole lot.

Make the mustard...

After the Thomas' built up their local business, they decided to expand to larger markets like New York City. The mustard success story continued. Their business became a thriving enterprise, all because they heeded the voice that said, "Make the mustard."

The story you just read was found in Carole Hyatt's wonderful book, "When Smart People Fail". Readers Digest magazine was so taken with this book that it ran a condensed version in its January, 1988 issue.

More common than we think...

Is this story about "making the mustard" an isolated event? No, stories of this nature are common. All of us have a "still, small voice" within. This voice will guide us to make the right choices if we become aware of it, listen to it and take action.

There is a way that could provide us help and guidance in making decisions and dealing with change. Using our intuition dramatically increases our success in business and in life. Much has been written about this powerful means to success, yet, very few people think of it as a formidable tool.

Read what others are saying...

 "You have an incredible ability to wrap up topics that are beyond explanation and bring them down to simple steps that nearly anyone can follow. You've been one of the biggest influences in helping me to follow my intuition more often. I think anyone can learn how to hear that wise "little voice" by paying attention to your report."
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 "At John's hand, the ancient wisdom becomes almost shockingly accessible, and learning it requires neither desert trek nor mountain ascent. This elegant, seven-step formula will place into your hands more power (and wisdom) than you'll ever be able to exhaust... unless you mistake these simple, joyous steps for child's play and dismiss them untried."
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"These seven steps are magic! As a person and coach who uses intuition in an automatic way, I am so glad to have a formula to assist others to do the same and to learn the process and create a habit from it. Everyone needs to read this report and begin tapping into their intuition - that is how miracles are created!"
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One of the reasons people don't rely more on their intuitive abilities is that they don't believe they are intuitive. Let me assure you that everyone -- each and every one -- has intuitive abilities. We were born with this gift.

Another reason we don't exercise our intuitive faculty is that we don't trust it. We may believe, for all sorts of reasons, that intuition cannot be trusted, that we must rely on pure facts. But deep within us is a feeling, a "sixth sense" that speaks to us and guides us. The "sixth sense" doesn't need facts; it deals with possibilities.

A very present help...

Over the decades, I've taught thousands of people (in seminars, lectures and workshops) how to use their intuition -- their gut feelings -- to help them resolve their problems. And although I've always planned to write a special report or book on the topic, I never have ...until now.

A very special report...

I have put together a special report that will show anyone -- and I mean anyone -- in easy steps, how to develop and use their intuition. Why bother to develop your intuition, you may ask. Why shouldn't you benefit from a success tool that others (including your competition) are probably already using?

There have been many books written about the topic, but most don't show you, in simple, easy steps, how to use one of your most important, God-given gifts.

You'll gain these important benefits:

1) Manage or eliminate stress

2) Create and enjoy wonderful relationships

3) Make your business succeed beyond your wildest

4) Find a better job or make the one you have more
satisfying and more financially rewarding

5) Create and enjoy better health

There are so many benefits to knowing how to use your intuition. Intuition prevented me from being in the middle of a chemical explosion at a production plant where I used to work. Intuition helped me and my wife save the life of my infant daughter. The use of my intuition made it possible for me to graduate from college with a "summa cum laude" degree.

There are hundreds of other benefits from learning how to use your intuition. And I can go on and on telling you about them. But I'd rather tell you a bit more about the report.

Seven simple steps...

This special report contains seven, simple steps that anyone can do. It takes between 5 to 10 minutes to complete the 7 steps. This is no complicated, academic process. There are too many of those already.

And this special report does not cost $97 or $79 or even $39. It just costs less than $4.99 at for a limited time .

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Now it's up to you...

Read through the special Intuition report and practice the seven, simple, practical steps. In no time at all, you'll find yourself making the right choices, doing the right things, following the gentle guidance, which will make your life, your business and your relationships a glorious adventure.

Have a wonderful day.

P.S. Here's a letter that I received from Juliet Easton after she read the special Intuition report:

"Thank you so much for what you have done in writing this intuition guidebook! For me, intuition comes fairly naturally. It has been the key to achieving breakthroughs in every aspect of my life -- personal, business, financial, spiritual, and health.

Intuition does not come as easily to some people. I am so grateful that you have created a simple, yet complete, guide that anyone can use to develop and access their intuition. Even though I have taught courses in Achieving Your Dreams and in Meditation, I have never seen such a concrete, simple, easy-to-use approach for developing intuition.

I know from the depths of my being that this report will change the lives of so many people in a very dramatic way and assist them with achieving their dreams. You have created a wonderful gift for humanity!"

--Juliet Easton, Chief Visionary Officer, Child of the
Light, Inc.

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